As both a printmaker and a painter my work is about the natural world. On my etching press I use plants from my garden or weeds from the street to make monotype images with ink and, more recently, without ink. As a painter I’ve been interested in the movement of paint to create a natural world driven by chance. Letting the materials, plants, ink or paint generate the image has always been important to me. I can then use many other materials to bring a compelling new reality to each piece.

I have lived and maintained my studio for more than 30 years in Long Island City, New York. My work has been shown in commercial galleries and alternative spaces in the city and on the east end of Long Island. I was a member of Noho Gallery in Manhattan and am now a member of Long Island City Artists. I have held a resident fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

I hold a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in printmaking and painting and an MA from the University of Iowa in painting.


Dianne Martin on Access Studios