Dianne Martin Art

I have lived and maintained my studio in Long Island City since 1983. I am lucky to have a spacious studio along with a lovely garden. The garden has provided me with both materials and subject matter over the years, as has the landscape of the North Fork of Long Island where I spent much time for many years.

I have a BFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design and an MA in painting from the University of Iowa.

I was a resident fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

My work is in many corporate and private art collections including those of Pfizer, Pepsico, J.C Penny, Credit Suisse First Boston, David Rockefeller Jr., the Manhattan Musicians Union

I am a member of Long Island City Artists.

I have been a member of Noho Gallery in Manhattan, a cooperative gallery.

For quite a number of years I exhibited my work a great deal on the East End of Long Island, particularly at the East End Arts Council Gallery in Riverhead.


The delight I find in what I do derives from the process I use. I am a printmaker first. I use real materials from nature on an etching press to make monotypes. I then develop these prints into finished pieces with other materials.

This development process is filled with the unknown. The impressions and marks both in and on the paper lead along paths that are different with each piece. The same materials on the press can result in finished images which look and feel quite different. This is what I find entrancing about working on an image. It has its own life and has its own direction as it gathers speed and begins to “find its voice.” I work on each image to find out what it’s “going to be.”

Earlier in my career as an artist I worked in watercolor. While those pieces look quite different, I used nature in a similar way — building the image piece by piece over time without knowing what leaf or stem was going to be used next until it happened.

Technically, my process now can seem really complicated to someone who is not versed in the printmaking world. That’s why I love to have people come to my studio so that I can show them how the work is made.