My work begins with a monotype, an image made on an etching press that is unique in the way that a painting or drawing is unique: therefore the term “mono (one) type.” Monotypes can be made in many ways, but my own practice is most often to use bits of nature directly on the press to make the print. I then develop the print further using other materials. I am looking for that initial image to grow into a compelling visual world that bridges reality and imagination.

I have a deep connection with the shoreline of the northeast, in particular the North Fork of Long Island. Landscapes of creeks, bays, beaches and fields are an important source of both inspiration and actual materials from nature. Birds are at times inhabitants but not as particular species. They bring life, grace and, at times, conflict to this visual world.

I have, for many years, lived and maintained my studio in Long Island City, once a mostly industrial area of New York City. My work has been exhibited in commercial galleries, alternative spaces and artist run galleries in New York as well as on the North Fork of Long Island. I am represented in many corporate and private collections, including those of Pfizer, Pepsico, David Rockefeller Jr., Credit Suisse First Boston, and the Manhattan Musicians Union. I have been a resident fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Sweetbrier, Virginia. I am a member of the Manhattan Graphics Center, Long Island City Artists, the National Association of Women Artists, and the East End Arts Center. I am listed in Who’s Who in American Art. I received a BFA degree in painting from The Rhode Island School of Design and an MA degree in painting from The University of Iowa.


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